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We create digital products that seamlessly blend art and functionality.

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Our Approach

Interactive Prototypes:

Visualize your product with clickable prototypes that capture your concept’s potential.

Data-Driven Optimization:

Enhance your product features and business model with insights from our skilled data scientists.

Custom System Proposals:

Receive thorough proposals for systems designed to meet your specific business challenges.

Our Offerings

Global Talent Network:

Benefit from our cost-effective offshore development teams without compromising on quality.

Sustainable Practices:

We aim for long-term success, balancing project needs with sustainability.

Experienced Professionals:

Our team tackles complex data and technology challenges with expertise and diligence.

Collaborative Strength

Global Expertise:

Our services are powered by a diverse team, including offshore developers and data scientists, to deliver comprehensive solutions.

Balanced Design and Functionality:

Crafting experiences that resonate with your users and align with your business goals.

Attention to Detail:

We focus on every aspect of development for consistently high-quality results.


Our software UX design & development guarantees the pinnacle of quality,lightning-fast delivery, expert CPA-led initial audits, a comprehensive one-stopsolution, and unrivaled cost efficiency for your digital projects.
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The highest
The highest possible quality image light
Elevate your project with our unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier quality in every aspect of software development.
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Very high
Very high delivery dynamics image light
Experience rapid and agile project delivery, ensuring your solutions are in your hands faster than ever before.
Initial audit/discovery through CPA image
Initial audit /
through CPA
Initial audit/discovery through CPA image light
Gain unparalleled insights and precision with initial audits and discoveries led by certified CPAs, setting the foundation for your success.
One-stop solution shop image
One-stop solution shop image light
Simplify your software development journey with our comprehensive suite of services, providing end-to-end solutions under one roof.
Cost efficiency image
Cost efficiency image light
Maximize your ROI with our cost-effective software development solutions designed to meet your budget without compromising quality.


Unleash innovation with our custom software solutions! Our devoted development team is exclusively focused on your needs.
Procopio logo
An artificial intelligence solution leveraging advanced language models for efficient analysis of case documents and key term identification, ensuring data security.
Kenosha AI logo
Kenosha AI
A robust artificial intelligence platform in the GPT class, tailored to address the specific needs of clinical research.
Scribe4All logo
A tool that allows medical professionals to easily create custom chatbots, improving patient engagement through the Scribe4All web interface.


Meco Diagnostics logo
Meco Diagnostics
A diagnostic tool for early-stage breast cancer care, identifying patients with complex prognoses and providing insights into responsiveness to FDA-approved antifibrotic therapies.
Cargoshot logo
Validating cargo conditions for logistics providers, shippers, and manufacturers throughout the shipping, receiving, and cross-docking processes.
StudyShare logo
A social journey with a network fusing education, communication, and AI-powered functionalities, alongside interactive and dynamic circle communities.
Spotlight logo
Modern philanthropy platform that redefines charitable giving - a more human, intuitive way to connect people with the causes they care about most.
Bommarito logo
Curate art collections using digital photography and imagery.
Mediclix logo
The pharmacy platform that digitally connects customers with local pharmacies.
Cella Medical logo
A concept of devices, applications, and strategies designed to enhance heart failure management while reducing hospitalizations through early detection of fluid overload.
CrisprQC logo
A system that provides support to gene editing experimental design and analysis.


testimonial img 1
Jon M. Van Winkle
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“Our experience with Royanis LLC has been very positive. Their professionalism, technical expertise, and commitment to quality have paved the way to the successful design, development, and upcoming release of our 2.0 software release, surpassing our expectations. Their clear communication, on-time delivery, and adaptability have made the project seamless. We highly recommend Royanis as a reliable and skilled software and technology development partner.”
testimonial img 2
Larry Kesslin
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“Every so often you meet someone who is truly unique. With that uniqueness often comes an amazing story. That is true of when I met Sasha Banjac and was introduced to his company,

Royanis. From the moment we first started speaking you could tell there was something special about Sasha, and the past year has only reinforced that belief.

I have met thousands of technologists in my life, yet rarely have I met someone who understands business and technology as clearly as he does. I call this being bi-lingual in English, and Sasha is one of the best I’ve ever met. If you decide to work with Royanis, you will have the brilliance on the front end and incredibly loyal and hard-working resources completing the work. I would highly recommend Royanis to anyone looking to use technology to solve a specific business problem.”

testimonial img 4
Rok Ursic
CEO, Cella Medical, Inc.
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“Royanis was a game-changer for Cella Medical; their innovative software solutions and forward-thinking approach took our projects beyond our expectations. Also, their dedication and proactive stance made them feel like an extension of our team. Highly recommended for any business seeking excellence in software and strategy.”
testimonial img 5
Jeff Bommarito
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Working with Royanis has been the best experience I’ve had in 15+ years engaging software development companies

Our team at Bommarito Art is fortunate to have connected with Sasha and RoyanisIn working with Royanis, it quickly became apparent that Sasha is a visionary leader with an exceptional team around him in all facets of software development. Sasha has an unprecedented capacity to abstract complexity and convert business problems to practical real-world solutions that increase revenue. What’s more, we’ve realized additional gains in productivity and a reduction in inefficiencies across our teams as a result of Royanis taking our initial concepts and extrapolating out to “what could be” and helping us see a vision beyond our original scopes. Rather than merely implementing a scope of work - they innovated and created solutions that will undoubtedly increase our brand value.

We elevate
digital innovation
and exceed client expectations.

Our team blends expertise and technology to turn ideas into invaluable solutions, while fostering sustainability and individual growth.
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